Problem overview

Circular-Lab had a number of productive applications on AWS infrastructure. They didn't present functional problems, but their monthly cost was excessive.

Solution overview

After a detailed analysis of the infrastructure, we implemented a series of improvements, reducing costs by more than 50% in the first month alone. During the implementation, we didn't compromise any of the requirements with which the infrastructure had been originally designed.

AWS offers infinite opportunities to software development companies, but to take advantage of them is necessary to rely on companies such as Mikroways, that have a vast knowledge about software, infrastructure and the AWS services. Mikroways helps you from the very beginning and provides creative ideas that take your applications to a higher quality level.

Juan Escayola - CTO

Detailed solution

After understanding the client’s needs, the following goals were set:

  • Reduce Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure costs.
  • Increase the availability and security of services, ensuring compliance with the GDPR.
  • Simplify application deployment.

We started by reviewing all AWS services architecture and cost drivers. This led us to redesign it, simplifying it and eliminating unnecessary components without sacrificing the expected levels of availability or security.

In the following iterations we focused on the fulfillment of the other objectives. Among other tasks, we provided elasticity to the infrastructure so that it could automatically adjust to demand; we expanded the coverage of compliance with the GDPR; we accelerated and simplified the deployment of new applications by incorporating continuous integration and deployment processes; and we optimized the backup mechanism to guarantee backups, efficiently using the resources.