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Digital Transformation

Banco Columbia

Problem overview

The client is in the process of adopting a DevSecOps strategy. They aim to embrace Cloud Native solutions to improve their services as well as create synergy with their providers. Despite these positive efforts, they also face challenges related to the observability of their IT services. They lack a clear and comprehensive view of their service infrastructure's health status. This hinders the early identification of operational problems. Additionally, it complicates the detection of the origin of the issues once they arise. This aspect impacts the stability and quality of service, as well as the confidence of the different stakeholders. It underscores the importance of addressing observability concerns to ensure a successful and smooth implementation.

Solution overview

To tackle the identified challenges in the bank’s infrastructure, a comprehensive solution was implemented. The adoption of cutting-edge practices, such as infrastructure-as-code on AWS with Kubernetes, ensures adherence to the BCRA's stringent standards, and establishes a solid foundation for the agile development of cloud-native services. The introduction of continuous deployment and integration (CI/CD) workflows streamlines the development lifecycle. Furthermore, a comprehensive observability solution was implemented, featuring customized dashboards and employing advanced tools for tracing, logs, and metrics. This comprehensive approach not only provided effective and thorough control over IT services but also anticipated issues. It improved operational efficiency, leading to enhanced service for users while reducing operational costs.

Detailed solution