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Deployment to the cloud


Problem overview

The client encountered challenges migrating a non-cloud-native application to a cloud environment. Additionally, this application would be subjected to high levels of demand and rigorous security requirements. The application connects via VPNs to APIs from external providers, which increases complexity. It is developed and distributed across a large number of repositories, further complicating its deployment when making modifications.

Solution overview

We reduced complexity with a thorough refactor, enabling us to deploy the application on AWS while meeting strict security and auditing standards. A thorough examination of the repositories made it possible to refactor the application for execution in a containerized environment. We designed the infrastructure on AWS and implemented it using infrastructure as code, leveraging tools like GitHub Actions to create pipelines that enable automatic and simplified deployments. The solution included the use of technologies such as ECS Cluster, WAF, VPCs, RDS, Load Balancers, VPNs (StrongSwan), GitHub, Terraform, Redis, and Ansible, ensuring a robust, secure, and easily manageable environment for the client.

Detailed solution