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Cloud Native Architecture

Cloud Native Architecture

Cloud-native architecture refers to a software design approach that maximizes the capabilities and services offered by cloud computing platforms. It is based on principles of scalability, resilience, flexibility, and automation to efficiently develop and deploy applications in cloud environments.


Instead of developing monolithic applications, cloud-native architecture promotes breaking down applications into small, independent services known as microservices. Each microservice handles a specific function and communicates with other services through APIs (Application Programming Interfaces).


Containers are a way to package and distribute applications along with all their dependencies. They use technologies like Docker to ensure that an application runs consistently across different environments, whether it’s development, testing, or production.

Container orchestration

Container orchestration refers to the automated management of containers on a large scale. Tools like Kubernetes are widely used to automate tasks such as deployment, scaling, and managing the availability of containers in a cloud environment.

Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

Infrastructure as code is a practice that involves defining the infrastructure of the application using code. This enables automated creation and management of infrastructure resources, making it easier to deploy and maintain cloud environments.


The DevOps culture focuses on collaboration between development and operations teams to improve the continuous delivery of software. In the context of cloud-native architecture, DevOps involves automating development, testing, and deployment processes to ensure fast and reliable application delivery.



Allows applications to scale quickly and efficiently to meet changing user demands, either by increasing or decreasing resources automatically.


Cloud-native architecture promotes resilience by designing applications to be fault-tolerant and capable of automatically recovering from adverse events.


Facilitates agile development and continuous delivery of software, allowing organizations to quickly adapt to changes in the market and user needs.


Reduces the time and costs associated with deploying and managing applications by leveraging cloud automation and scalability.


Allows running applications consistently across different cloud and on-premises environments, providing greater flexibility and options for organizations.

At Mikroways, we specialize in providing comprehensive solutions in containerization and container orchestration, as well as DevOps practices to optimize the development, deployment, and operation of applications in both cloud and on-premise environments. From assessing and modernizing applications to implementing and managing Kubernetes clusters, we offer customized services that enable organizations to fully leverage the benefits of containerization and orchestration.

Services we offer

Legacy application modernization

  • Review and analysis of the current application architecture.
  • Development of strategies to migrate monolithic applications to a cloud-based architecture.
  • Containerization and container orchestration implementations to improve application scalability and availability.

Cloud native application design

  • We design and implement applications using cloud-native architecture.
  • We utilize cutting-edge technologies like Kubernetes (in which we are experts) and managed container services to deploy and manage applications efficiently.
  • We integrate DevOps practices to automate and streamline development, testing, and deployment processes, ensuring continuous and reliable software delivery.

Training & Consultancy

  • Customized consultancy on native cloud architecture adoption strategies.
  • Training and education on cloud-native technologies and best practices for development and operations teams.
  • Continuous support and guidance throughout the project lifecycle to ensure success in the implementation and operation of cloud solutions.

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