The company

Who are we?

We specialize in productive IT services. We are passionate about challenges, and our goal is to always provide the best solution for each client.

We believe in ideas: we think they have the power to make the world a better place, and we know there are many people and organizations with great ideas. Therefore, our mission is to build bridges using the appropriate technology to help our clients conquer and materialize those ideas.

To achieve this, we have a team of committed and devoted professionals, guided by empathy, curiosity, creativity and great collaborative spirit.

From the academy to the world

Initiated in network and server administration in the National University of La Plata, in Argentina, we quickly fell in love with solving problems through quality, elegant, effective and efficient solutions. In addition, our time in College instilled in us another passion: teaching.

During the following years, we worked in IT support and infrastructure, and in software development, in addition to collaborating with multiple organizations, both private and public. We believe that all this experience has given us a broad perspective on the reality of the industry and its players.

Having experienced firsthand many of the problems organizations face, we understood that the solutions that worked for us could help others. That’s how Mikroways was born, with the aim of providing solutions for organizations so that they can overcome the technological barriers that limit or prevent their growth and progress.

What do we do?

  • We provide solutions aimed at improving the quality of software products and productive IT services.
  • We strengthen the abilities of the software development and operations teams so that they reach their highest potential.

To achieve this, we take two fundamental aspects into consideration: first, we understand that each client has a specific reality and that it’s necessary to approach the solution in that particular context; and, second, we believe that innovating and improving is the only way to achieve a quality and sustainable service.

We have the necessary support

Thanks to two key alliances, we have the necessary support to give our clients the best possible solution.

Amazon Web Services Red Hat